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London Fractions is a leading provider of luxury fractional ownership properties throughout London, the UK and the world. We exclusively offer lavish apartments and penthouses under fractional ownership in London’s most prestigious and sought after locations. Our service enables the average buyer to purchase a deeded share of a luxury property, retaining an equity share in the “bricks and mortar” whilst enjoying usage rights.

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Point At Petite Calivigny
The Point at Petite Calivigny is a luxurious boutique private residence club located on the spectacular southern coast of Grenada. This one-of-a-kind residence club is comprised of four exquisite villas with private infinity pools and twelve stunning condominiums, making The Point the perfect destination.
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Why London Fractions?

London Fractions offers multiple amenities that make our service stand out from the rest. To start with, we have tailor-made our contracts between property owners to allow each individual fractional owner to sell their fraction at any time (at market price), independently of the others. Additionally, after 10 years of ownership, you will have an option to sell the property (at market price) unless all of the owners wish to renew the agreement and extend that period. Both of these systems give you the absolute freedom to decide on the fate of your fractional ownership, as well as enabling you to take advantage of increased real estate value and other trends.

Furthermore, London Fractions’ clients also enjoy a concierge service which can assist with every aspect of their stay in London, including the organisation of luxury tours through London.

Purchasing a fractional ownership share is the most cost-effective way of owning and using a luxury second home in London.

London Fractions remains focused to deliver a robust, proactive fractional property service, growing our reputation to clients worldwide and developing a progressive commercial business network and culture. London Fractions was formed to provide a unique intelligent property ownership option within London, U.K, to a global consumer base who seek a flexible and cost-effective alternative to a second home ownership. London Fractions pursues to capitalize upon the world-wide interest in fractional property ownership as consumers continue to become increasingly aware of its many benefits over whole ownership. Education to consumers is key, ensuring that all options for purchasing a property are clearly visible and understood. Whilst fractional property ownership is growing in popularity throughout the world, there was a gap in the London market which we, London Fractions, has now filled.

Lee Scowen, London Fractions

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