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True Fractional Ownership

London Fractions exclusively offers prime, luxurious apartments and penthouses under fractional ownership in London’s most prestigious and sought after locations. Our service and product enable buyers to purchase a deeded share of an individual property, retaining an equity share in the “bricks and mortar” whilst also enjoying usage rights. In addition to this, London Fractions’ clients can also enjoy a concierge service which can assist with every aspect of their stay in London, enabling them to maximise their enjoyment of time spent in the Capital.



Top Fractional Properties


Graham Terrace


Point at Petit Calivigny


Senija, Spain

Why London Fractions?

London Fractions offers multiple amenities that make our service stand out from the rest. To start with, we have tailor-made our contracts between property owners to allow each individual fractional owner to sell their fraction at any time (at market price), independently of the others. Additionally, after 10 years of ownership, you will have an option to sell the property (at market price) unless all of the owners wish to renew the agreement and extend that period. Both of these systems give you absolute freedom to decide on the fate of your fractional ownership, as well as enabling you to take advantage of increased real estate value and other trends.

Furthermore, London Fractions’ clients also enjoy a concierge service which can assist with every aspect of their stay in London, including the organisation of luxury tours through London.

Purchasing a fractional ownership share is the most cost effective way of owning and using a luxury second home in London.

London Fractions locate a luxury property for sale, negotiate the lowest buying price and then calculate a price per fraction. That fractional price covers all the costs of buying including stamp duty, legal fees, disbursements etc. – everything to get you to the point of owning part of a lavish property at some of the best addresses in London.

We keep the whole experience very simple. One all-inclusive fractional cost to buy your share of the title deed and then you can leave the rest to us. After the first 5 years, we do ask owners for an annual service charge which covers all of the associated property charges, utility bills, cleaners etc upon the exit of each owner. This is split proportionally to the weeks you own, and annual in advance.

The property is purchased by a newly formed non-trading UK company that is specifically set up by London Fractions to hold the legal ownership in trust for its shareholders (such as yourself). Your shareholding will be in accordance with your investment. Any sale and profit of the fractional property returns to the fractional owner.

No, this is not timeshare. Timeshare properties are owned by a single individual who has sold others the right to use the property for a specified period each year. Those who own timeshares do not own any element of the property itself, meaning that the value of their timeshare stagnates and has no real estate value at all.

On the other hand, fractional ownership properties are owned by the shareholders. Each individual’s fraction of a property includes ownership of the brick and mortar, with deeded real estate value attached to it. This means that you own a legal share of the title registered with the Land Registry, coupled with rights to use the property for a specified period each year in accordance with your ownership share. Therefore, not only can you stay in the property, your fraction can increase in value if the property becomes more valuable.

In short, fractional ownership serves as an investment that will improve over time, whilst timeshares cannot gain real estate value as the shareholder only owns time in a property and not part of the property itself.


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