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7 Benefits of Fractional Ownership for Luxury Properties

7 Benefits of Fractional Ownership for Luxury Properties

Are you tired of spending heavily on accommodation during your annual vacations in London or to other worldwide destinations? Are you tired of searching for affordable luxury apartments to no avail? Well, I suggest that you should consider fractional ownership of property. Fractional ownership is where one buys a fraction of a luxury apartment, to be able to have access for the designated time period of use. Fractional ownership might be a relatively new term to many despite the fact it has been in use for quite some time.

Fractional ownership of properties is the best alternative to second home ownership. You will have full exclusive use of the property in direct proportion to what you have paid for, similar to time sharing however with Fractional Ownership you are purchasing the real estate rather than timed use of the property. Unlike timeshares that tend to depreciate quickly, fractional ownership always appreciates relative to market trends with the property values around them. Below is a list compiling 7 benefits of fractional ownership.

Seven Ultimate Benefits of Fractional Ownership:

1. Location: Location is one of the significant factors to consider when buying any property. However, some desirable locations can become quite expensive, with Fractional ownership you can be certain you will be owning properties in only the most desirable locations. London Fractions constantly lists properties in locations such as Chelsea, Kensington, Westminster, Nine Elms, and South Bank. Furthermore, London Fractions regularly lists Luxury Villas for those who desire access to vacation homes in tropical destinations such as Grenada, Malaga, Thailand, and Dubai.

2. Price and Value: Your expenses should be relative to your use of your second home. Whether your second home is a city home for work and business of a vacation getaway in a tropical destination for you and your family your costs should match your usage. Your second home is just that, a second home and will be used sporadically, some more than others; that’s why London Fractions always gives its clients an opportunity to own a larger share of the property that matches your needs.

3. No Additional Costs: Contrary to full ownership where the owner is entirely liable for all maintenance and legal responsibilities of the property, with fractional ownership this is taken off your hands and is carried out by London Fractions. This implies that you should never at any time carry out maintenance or contribute to any legal responsibilities of the property. Everything is catered for you before your arrival and during your stay. This creates a real luxurious feeling, and you get most out of your trip to London. This is one of the significant advantages of fractional ownership.

4. Luxury and Outstanding Services: Sometimes you might wonder whether spending less might affect the quality of service and a luxurious lifestyle. Spending less actually doesn’t affect the quality of service since you are buying a fraction of a luxury apartment. You should always expect high-quality services and lifestyle of a luxury hotel that surpasses the comfort of your home. London Fractions always work with the best concierge companies in London and across the world. Whether you stay London Fractions aims to provide a luxurious lifestyle no like other with fine dining, theatre, spa dates and many more luxurious options only on request away; making your vacation more enjoyable and luxurious.

5. Amenities, Furniture, and Fittings: Fractional Apartments London are furnished with the highest quality amenities. This helps to create a luxurious feel that will add class and prestige to your vacation. Every luxury apartment is equipped with bespoke furniture and fittings for added comfort and luxury.

6. Capital Appreciation: Turn your travel and vacations into an asset. If you are searching for popular hotels and rental apartments, the cost will increase. When it comes to fractional ownership, you get an equity share in bricks and mortar. This implies that your cost of accommodation is converted into an asset. This gives you two benefits over usual rentals and hotels. First, the appreciation of your fraction is proportional to that of your property. Second, you have the right to sell your fraction in future which implies that your initial cost can easily be converted into an asset.

7. An Asset for Your Family and Family Lifestyle: Fractional ownership  is an asset that’s not limited just to you. You have the right to invite your family and enjoy your time together. Your initial investment that never generated any returns becomes an excellent opportunity for your family to travel to London and world wide without any worries of accommodation.

Why buy a vacation home when you can reap more benefits by purchasing a fractional ownership property. Welcome to London Fractions for a lifetime vacation experience.


Liam Halse