Why Buy A Fractional Ownership Property in the UK?

The world’s most expensive cities are those where rich international buyers congregate, and no city is as international as London. With a time-zone and language convenient for businessmen from the US to the Middle East to Asia, all conspire to make London the leading financial centre. Coupled with its unrivalled rich heritage, culture, arts and entertainment facilities, London is continually renowned as one of the greatest cities in the world.

There are many benefits of fractional ownership property but why should you consider a fractional in London? We have compiled a list of a few reasons which might just convince you.

Traditionally, fractional ownership has been popular at beach and ski resorts. However, due to the shortness of the season, these destinations may only be used for a limited period of the year, meaning the owners do not get full use at key times. London provides 52 weeks of world-class entertainment with events, exhibitions, festivals and shows on offer throughout the year. After all, a city where an estimated 8.63 million people live doesn’t really have a low season! Although many holidaymakers visit London in the summer, there is a wealth of things to do and see in the other three quarters of the year, too! This means that whether you are in London for spring, summer, autumn or winter, you will always be visiting London at a time when the capital is bustling.

London’s real estate and housing market are diverse indeed. The place where your property is situated will have a dramatic effect on your experience here in the capital. Fractional ownership enables buyers to part-own a residence in a far more affluent and desirable location than may be possible if they were buying a unit outright. London Fractions only promotes fractional property in the very best areas of London including Westminster, Kensington, Chelsea, South Bank and Nine Elms. You can learn more about the stunning surroundings of our London properties by clicking here.

Due to the fact that our properties are in the best and most sought-after locations, this means that your property has the greatest chance of consistent price growth going forward. Worldwide demand for luxury properties in the key London neighbourhoods will continue and these properties are far more resilient in periods of global economic downturns.

London is ideally situated to access the rest of Europe with five international airports within 45 minutes of Central London; the UK is ideal for anyone wanting the ability to see Europe.

Quite simply, if London is not your primary residence and you only spend a limited time here, why pay for outright ownership? With London Fractions, the entry price to the luxury housing market is substantially reduced and maintenance and taxes associated with the property are shared between owners. You also do not need to concern yourself with the property when you are not using it as it will be managed by London Fractions.
For more information or to book a free consultation with a fractional expert to help you find the perfect fit for your budget requirements, please contact us.